Friday, August 1, 2014

Trying to walking

Charlie keeps practicing walking. Soon enough he will do it on his own. For now, he needs a little bit of help.

This is at the Wallmero house, playing with Molly's walker. This was Wednesday morning.





  1. Charlie needs to stop that walking and crawl for a few more months, but I think there is no keeping him down, so go Charlie.

  2. Watch closely as the amazing Char Char attempts this daring feat ! Ohh, we'll I said watch closely! Seriously he is awfully amazing, and cute too! Isn't he quite young ?

  3. It's 11:00 pm on Sat pm and still. Looking at a
    Charlie's blog . I replay the videos constantly ! Thanks you guys!

  4. Looks like Mom's life is about to get more interesting :-)