Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pool time! (And a quick health note!)

Health note: I just got off the phone with Charlie's allergist. As expected, all the blood work came back normal. She decided that she wants to see him in 6 months. If all his blood work comes back normal then, we will do food challenges in the lab with her. This is where they give him small doses of the worrisome food in the lab under doctor supervision, and see how he reacts. If that goes well, we will know he is not allergic -he could still be intolerant, but that's a much less severe reaction- and we can expand his diet (and mine, if I'm still breast feeding.) so that's all good news for both of us. We will see in Janurary!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.....



We go in the pool almost everyday. Charlie loves it! I think he's going to be a great swimmer! He has lots of fun toys in the pool, but his favorite game is for mommy or daddy to dive under and come back up again and smile at him. It causes fits of giggles!





  1. Glad to hear some better news for my little angels ' health, .
    As for his Olympic medal swimming prospects, he may just need a little more practice!

  2. That sounds like a great health plan for Charlie in 6 months. I agree with you Ev, practice little Olympic medal swimmer! Go Charlie go.