Saturday, May 31, 2014

A few more beach pictures, part 2

All the kids love Pete!

Eva going for a ride in the dump truck

Kenny and Mabel lounging on the sand couch

Playing on the beach

Charlie loves picking things up!

Smily baby!

A few more beach pictures

I know I said I was done, but Samantha just gave me their pictures from the beach, and I had to share a few!

Molly and Eva

Mischievous Avey

Surfer Charlie

Brian and Charlie

Pete being adorable with Mabel. This picture makes my heart happy.

5 month pictures!

I know these are really late! I took them before we went to the beach, but just now had a chance to go through them. None of the pictures are awesome, but they tell a great story about my little man.

I put Charlie down in his cute little outfit, and his hands immediately go in his mouth

I distract him and get a little tiny smile...

He gets scared of the dinos....

He starts wrestling with the dinosaurs...

And immediately rolls over on his tummy...

He refuses to turn back over. No matter how many times I flip him, he just goes right back to his belly.  I finally give in, and put the "5 months" sticker on his back...

He tries to eat Dino Dan's horn...

I finally get him flipped back over, and get one kinda cute picture...

Then he rips off the sticker...
I give up...

But he's just soooo handsome!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Family Portrait

Brain took this awesome shot right before we left for the beach!

The last of the beach pictures!

Random shots from our week at the beach.

Petie and Charlie

I love the look on Avetts place here

Molly is all over Charlie (in a good way)

Avey and Mabel sit at the kids table

Charlie and Eva. There aren't many pictures of Eva because they weren't there long, but this is cute. Charlie wants her to share. Eva doesn't share food!

Charlie and Samantha with a giant bottle of rum!

Petie and Avey

Dressing up Elmer!

On the beach trip, Elmer got lots of attention, and went through several outfit changes.

This is him in Charlie's Key West bib and sunglasses, posing with Brian in his Key West shirt!

And here's Elmer in Mabel's pink gorilla shirt. Because that's hilarious!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Charlie and Pete and I spent a lovely afternoon at the aquarium. We saw turtles and jelly fish and sharks and alligators! There was a super cool butterfly house too!
Check out this albino alligator! And check out Charlie's happy grin!
Petie bought Charlie a new turtle friend!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Charlie's friend Gray

For our second weekend at the beach, Mabel and Samantha and Kenny came back, and Gray and Amber and Josh came out too!
Gray is one month younger than Charlie. They don't really play together, but they play next to each other.

Mabel and Gray

Mabel and Josh

Morning walk with Daddy

Pete took Charlie for an early morning walk on our last beach day. They are so cute! Charlie and I watched the sunrise every morning, and Petie got jealous!

Kure pier at sunrise

They saw a giant turtle from the pier.

With Charlie's new turtle friend!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Awesome matching outfits!

Samantha's mom made adorable matching outfits for all the kids. As you can tell from these pictures, Charlie was grumpy. But he loves his shorts! Everyone looks amazing!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Playing in the sand!

Daniel and Avey

Charlie and Los



Petie and Charlie

Building a sand couch