Monday, December 29, 2014

Slam dunk!

Charlie got this basketball hoop for his birthday. I thought it would be a while before he figured out how to use it. But he loves it! And he can slam dunk!



Grammy and gramps are here!

Charlie sure is excited when his Grammy and gramps come to visit! We do lots of fun things!

Book learning!

Walking around downtown

Car riding


Eating all of the cured meats and cheeses!



Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas dinner

We had Christmas dinner with Kenny, Samantha and Mabel, and Amber, Josh, and Gray. Plus, Samantha's mom and her boyfriend Al.


The food was amazing! And we all had a good time playing, especially Charlie.

Ho Ho Ho!




Charlie and Gray, staring up at a balloon.

Now Charlie has the balloon!


Charlie with his new friend Al. Usually Charlie is so weird around new people, but for some reason he really liked Al. Al has 3 grown up sons, so maybe that's it?


Playing with daddy


Gray saw Charlie sitting on Petes shoulders, and he wanted up too. As you can see in this photo, Gray is super good at pulling his daddy's hair. Charlie doesn't have that problem. :)



Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Christmas!

A few shots from Christmas morning!




Look at the expression on his face!

Stocking toys!

Charlie's Grandpa made him this super cool duck! It waddles across the floor!


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nice outfit!

Charlie has some diaper rash this week. We wanted him to air out a little bit, but it's cold in the house. So, this awesome outfit!





Saturday, December 20, 2014

Goodnight bath toys!

Every night after his bath and before bedtime, Charlie and daddy say goodnight to all his bath toys that he plays with. It's pretty freaking adorable!



Friday, December 19, 2014

12 month appointment

We just got back from Charlie's 12 month appointment. He is doing great- his doctor loves him! He's very impressed with his awesome walking skills! And his adorable hair!

So here are the stats. This kid is the smallest! But they say that height and weight at this age is not a great predictor for adulthood. We wil see!

He's 28 inches tall- bottom 2% for height. So he's probably not going to be a basketball player.

He weighs 18 pounds- bottom 6% for weight. So he's probably not going to be a sumo wrestler.

His head measures 17.5 inches. That's the bottom 10%. So he even has a little head!

Plus, he got 4 shots and did great!

We love our little man! Here he is, playing peekaboo at the doctors office.




12 month pictures

Our 12 month pictures were the hardest yet! Charlie rips off the sticker the second I put it on his shirt. Oh well. I got a couple of reasonable shots!