Thursday, December 18, 2014

Charlie is 1!

My little baby turns one today- I can't believe it's been a whole year! They call the first year the "longest shortest time" and that seems exactly right. In some ways, it feels like the longest year of my life, in other ways it feels like the shortest. I remember seeing him for the first time, and it was the most amazing moment of my life. As Pete likes to say, Charlie taught me how to love.

This kid of ours is simply the best. So let me tell you all about 1 year old Charlie.

- Look at this beautiful boy. Seriously, he's a really good looking kid. When I'm out with him, people stop us all the time to tell me how adorable he is. His grandmas are right- he is the cutest kid in the world!
- He giggles when he farts.
- He walks like a champ- he still falls a lot, but he's super tough and always jumps right back up.
- He's really little- he looks much younger than he is because he is so short and tiny.
- He LOVES books- he could look at books all day and be happy!
- He loves music. Right now, he's really into The Beach Boys. He's also an excellent kazoo player.
- He loves Wiki. He loves petting him, chasing him around the house, and sharing his food with him.
- He has 4 teeth and an adorable smile.
- His eyes are different everyday. Some days they look blue, some days brown, some days hazel and some days grey.
- His hair is amazing and beautiful and has a super cool wave in it.
- Clementines are currently his favorite food.
- He loves bathtime with Daddy. It's his favorite time of day!
- He says "Mama" and "Dada" and I think he knows what they mean. He babbles lots of other things too, but no other words.
- He sleeps through the night! He weaned himself about a month ago, and now most nights he sleeps11-12 hours straight. This makes for a very happy mommy.
- He waves at everything. People, animals, inanimate objects. He loves waving at lights!
I'm sure there are lots more I could say. Maybe daddy will add some more later.
We sure do love our little boy!




  1. Happy birthday to my darling grandson, the meaning of love!

  2. Great summary Bre! Very sweet. Happy birthday Charlie and keep up the great work Mom and Dad!

  3. Reading both comments from mom and dad make my heart sing. Happy birthday dear grandson Charlie.