Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Birthday from Dad!

What can I say about my handsome boy!  It's been 365 days, and every day has been pretty amazing.

Charlie is my best little buddy!

He loves being on my shoulders and pointing at things and saying "AH!".

He loves hamming it up for people at restaurants and out shopping.

He's starting to want to play with other kids and will often run/toddle up to complete strangers just to see what they're up to.  It's super cute.

He loves, loves, loves to be active, and running and walking.  He's constantly moving - here's a picture of him walking through the big-kid play area at the museum of life and science (which he also loves).

What else... Hmm.  Oh - dislikes!  Charlie does not like pancakes.  Oddly enough.  Bre is concerned that he may be missing some weird Kerchner gene.

Other than that, he likes most everything.  Sometimes he's not a huge fan of naps, but that's just because there's so much to do and see!!!

Charlie is an absolute wonder, and every day gets more and more fantastic.  Charlie taught Bre how to love, but he did a good job reminding me, too.  And it's fun to be called "Dad" :)

Happy Birthday Charlie!!!



  1. In a word...aawesome! I have so much to catch up on in this blog. Happy belated birthday little Charlie! Hammock in December? Mind blown!

    1. Hey man! Logan is looking amazing! Hope you guys are good. Hammocks in December are just a part of livin down south. Worst schools in the nation? You betcha. But temperate winters, oh my! :)