Friday, December 19, 2014

12 month appointment

We just got back from Charlie's 12 month appointment. He is doing great- his doctor loves him! He's very impressed with his awesome walking skills! And his adorable hair!

So here are the stats. This kid is the smallest! But they say that height and weight at this age is not a great predictor for adulthood. We wil see!

He's 28 inches tall- bottom 2% for height. So he's probably not going to be a basketball player.

He weighs 18 pounds- bottom 6% for weight. So he's probably not going to be a sumo wrestler.

His head measures 17.5 inches. That's the bottom 10%. So he even has a little head!

Plus, he got 4 shots and did great!

We love our little man! Here he is, playing peekaboo at the doctors office.




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