Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Charlie goes to the allergist

So I took Charlie to the pediatric allergist yesterday, hoping to learn some more about these food allergies of his. We learned very little.
They started with the pinprick test. This is where they they put allergens (like milk or eggs or dust) onto a little tiny needle, and prick his skin with it. They tested him for a bunch of things. The whole test failed. He didn't react appropriately to the control test (just a histimine), so the results were invalid. The doctor told me this often happens with kids his age- their immune systems aren't built the same as ours, so these tests don't work. 
Next they took some blood and will do some allergen testing on that to see what they find.  They told me that this test might also not be very helpful, given his age. We will see. They took blood out of his arm like a big boy- when they are first born, they do blood draws out of the foot. It did not go well. He has tiny little veins like his mommy, and it took the nurse a long time to get a good one. She had to call for backup!  Charlie was pretty mad the whole time, and screamed at her to teach her who was boss!
Anyway, we will see what the results of that are, but I'm not expecting much. Basically, they told me to stay the course and come back in a year. Oh well.
Now here is a cute picture of Charlie to counter all that boring text!


  1. You guys had a real tough day. Charlie still looks tired, but super cute !

  2. Ouch ouch ouch for Charlie. I think Tuesday is a better day for Charlie than Monday. Bre you must be so tired after that physical and emotional drain of holding that baby down for all that blood work. Sleep well daughter.