Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Granny Nanny!

I've been feeling pretty crappy the last couple of days, so Grammy Susie has taken charge of Charlie for me. How do sick moms survive without live in help?
Anyway, she and Charlie have been having a great time. And Grampa Rick likes to play with them too!
So here are a few pictures from them.

Crazy Charlie in his car! (My new favorite picture of him)

Charlie tring to eat Grammy Susie's nose!

Char napping on a walk! (He took a 2 hour nap today!)

About to go swimming with grandma!


  1. soooo handsome!!!! I miss that baby!!!

  2. That baby misses his daddy too. Charlie knows that Grammy Susie isn't singing his bath song correctly. Only daddy can do it right but he does love that his mommy is reading Cap. Bluebeard to him while daddy is away.

  3. Grammy Susie is doing a great job! But Charlie misses daddy too!