Monday, August 18, 2014

8 months!

Charlie is 8 months today! I took some 8 month pictures, but I need to go through them. I'm not sure there is anything unblurry in the whole set! This baby never stops moving! Anyway, I stopped by the doctors office this morning to weigh Charlie. He weighed 15lb, 8 ozs. That puts him in the 4.5% for weight. It's certainly better than 2%. I didn't get a chance to check his height, but I know he's getting taller because he can reach lots of stuff he couldn't before. Here's Charlie looking unimpressed on the scale.




  1. We are impressed but Rick wants to know if you put a diving weight belt on him for that weight check?

  2. Yeah, he looks pretty ridiculous! The outfit is just too big for him. It's all extra fabric!

  3. Mom, are you sure you know what you're doing with me? So funny Rick!