Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mabel's birthday train!

Yesterday was Mabel's 2nd birthday. So we spent the day playing at the museum. Mabel even treated us all to a special birthday train ride. Charlie had never been on the train before. I thought he would love it. He didn't love it. He didn't hate it either. I would describe his attitude as "suspicious". Like- why are we riding this train? Where is it going? Is it just going in a circle? Hmmm. Check out these pictures...

The engine
Birthday girl, and Samantha too!
Molly's goofy smile
Avett eats tickets!
Charlie looks doubtful





  1. Happy birthday sweet Mable! Do you think Charlie has his dad's expression in the pic with you?


  2. He does look like his daddy there!

  3. Hey Charlie should have loved this ride since we sing the choo choo Charlie song to him!