Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What's happening here?

Well, let me tell you. Charlie has become very good at climbing things. I think he's going to be a mountain climber. He scales the walls sometimes. Anyway, he was playing this game where he climbed up the inside wall of his house to get the toys on the other side. The first time he did it, I jumped up and stopped him. Of course, he did it anyway 20 seconds later. Then he did it again. By the third time, I stopped freaking out and took pictures of it. So here you go. I'm mother of the year!

Step 1: Just playing around.

Step 2: I want those toys over there!

Step 3: I really want those toys over there!

Step 4: Uh oh!

Step 5: Hmmmm

Step 6: Oh wait, it's cool. I landed in a giant bucket of toys.
Step 7: I think I'll stay right here for a while and play with them!




  1. What a riot! Thanks for the commentary!

  2. In step one he's figuring out his strategy, then he puts it in action! Genius!

  3. I love this set of pictures. It shows Charlie in his active, determined no matter what role. He is one tough baby.