Thursday, August 21, 2014

He's gonna be a soccer player!

It case you didn't notice Charlie's sweet outfit in the last post-

Uncle Kyle brought Charlie an awesome soccer outfit home from Honduras. It's far too big, but he looks super cute in it. Check out the shoes too! They are also way too big, but adorable.



And uncle Kyle got mustachioed booties for him too! These ones actually fit!




  1. Great outfit uncle Kyle! Was it yours??

  2. I loved that Kyle got Charlie a pair of Saucony shoes because those are the brand of shoes he wears himself. He sent me a picture of his Saucony shoe right next to the one he got for Charlie. So cute.

  3. HAHA - I want shoes with mustaches on them! And this way the outfit will fit ever so slightly longer : ) Nice choices Kyle! -KO