Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Science museum!

There is an awesome science museum in Reno. We spent the day there, playing with Grammy and gramps and Charlie! It was a very fun place!

This was a real glider plane, that you could play in and make the wings flap!



There is a lot of mining in Nevada, so they had lots of mining toys. Here's Charlie pushing a cart full of coal (made of foam).


Horse riding!

Slide with Grammy and gramps!


I call this one: "Giant tire, little baby"

Digging in the "dirt". It was actually cork!

Fun glass wall



Water playtime. Look how wet he got himself with splashing!

This was called "playing in the clouds" or something like that. It's an awesome play structure, and kids can climb all the way to the top. Pretty fun right? Charlie is excited to try it someday!



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