Sunday, October 12, 2014

Aloha safari zoo

Today we went to the Aloha Safari Zoo. We had never been there before, but it was pretty cool. It's a non-profit zoo that is all rescued animals. A lot of the animals have really sad stories, so it's nice to see them have a reasonably nice place to live now. Plus, most of them have been around humans their whole lives, so you can feed them. When you walk in, you buy a bag of food you can use to feed any animal (except the giraffe and horses- weird, right?) they even have tube systems set up so you can feed the monkeys from far away, and it's a fun game for them too. Pictures!

Baby tiger! She was so cute!

Big white tiger. The boys look a little scared.


Giraffe peeking around the corner.

Feeding the giraffe carrots




Handsome baby!



Weird monkey statue!




  1. What a great place and Charlie feeding the giraffe is perfect. Hey maybe you and Pete can buy a zoo! Love the last picture of Pete and Charlie listening so intensely to that monkey.

  2. Petey, check out the last pic. It looks like the flamingo is standing on your head!!!

    1. I know! Kyle thought I bought a very strange hat!