Saturday, October 25, 2014

State fair!

Charlie and I went to the state fair Friday morning, with some of our friends.

We saw lots of animals, and ate lots of food, and played with giant pumpkins. Charlie looked adorable- notice his awesome shoes!

Someone gave us a balloon when we walked in. That was Charlie's favorite part. Have you ever seen a grumpier baby with a balloon?


A little happier


Playing with Kenny.


Giant pumpkins

The "vegetable petting zoo" - where you get to play with giant pumpkins!



Mabel the honey bee


I spilled a bunch of Kettle Corn all over Charlie. He was confused.
Funniest part of the day? Samantha got a flu shot. Who gets a flu shot at the fair? Glamour shot!



  1. The only grumpier baby I've seen in a stroller was you Bre and at all places Disneyland. Oh well I can see charlie had a good time at the state fair. I love Samantha's glamour shot of the shot.

  2. That stroller picture totally reminded me of me!