Friday, June 20, 2014

6 month appointment!

Charlie and I just came back from his 6 month doctors appointment. He got more shots and did great! Charlie is healthy and really small! He's in the 2% for height and the 3% for weight. But he's growing at a steady pace, and that what matters.  He weighs14 lbs, 4 oz. 
And his head is in the 20% for size, so that's why it looks so big compared to his body!
So all good news.
Now here is some gratuitous cuteness!


  1. 6months. happy, healthy and handsome! Perfect!

  2. Grandma cookie likes those stats. 20percent for his head is good. More room for brain growth passed down from his amazingly smart parents. All good things comes in small packages including Charlie. Perfect 6 month check up. That is why he is already a mover and a shaker. Curious and adventurous.

    1. cookie is so adorable! Love your comment ! Have a safe trip, and an amazing time with Charlie and his parents, too!

  3. Thanks Ev for loving my mom and the best wishes for the trip. We are looking forward to spending some time on beautiful east coast with Bre Pete and Charlie. Woo hoo