Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rock Climbers Get the Girls (Again!)

So Charlie and I went to KIDZU yesterday. It's another cool indoor play area where kids basically go crazy.  They have all sorts of stuff, including a stuffed cow that Charlie was briefly obsessed with.

They also have... a rock climbing wall.  Charlie has never expressed even a slight interest in this thing before.  In fact he's always seemed a little scared of it. So imagine my surprise when I look over and he's up on it!

I even got him to look at me and smile while he was up there!


So while he's climbing this rock wall, a little girl comes over and starts doing gymnastics (somersaults) in front of Charlie.  She was trying to get his attention, hardcore.  Well, Charlie was mesmerized.  And so he started doing "gymnastics" too - by which I mean falling down on purpose and giggling like crazy.  Eventually they started play-tackling each other!  Here they are after a particularly good tackle -

So... Yep.  Charlie picked up another lady at KIDZU.  Momma's lock up your daughters, Charlie's in town!


  1. I knew he would be a ladies man with the super stylin hair, handsome eyes and that coy smile, but I thought he would wait until he was at least 2 until he started making his moves. Charlie, focus on the important stuff like, lovin up Mama, dada and Wiki, climbing rock walls and carrying around huge stuffed cows for gosh sakes.

  2. Well done Charlie. Even an older lady!