Thursday, October 1, 2015

Charlie Finds Love in the Bounce House

Sometimes when it's raining, we go to this cool place called Notasium - it's a music themed indoor play space for kids.  It's pretty amazing, and Charlie loves it.  He especially loves the bounce-house, which he used to be terrified of.   So, a lot happened in the bounce house today.

First, Charlie has an absolute blast.  This is the best video I got, but it really does not do the bounce-house experience justice.  In fact, this makes the bounce house look lame compared to how awesome it really was.

So, Charlie did that for, oh, I don't know.  An hour.  Eventually, he literally collapsed in the floor like this, and couldn't be budged.  Like three or four kids came over and tried to help him up, and he just laid back down.

I thought he was pooped and I'd have to go in there and get him.  UNTIL!  a little girl, much older than Charlie, probably 7 or 8 came in and tried to help him up and give him a hug.  Charlie hugged her back and gave her a huge SMOOCH on the cheek!  It was adorable.  Eventually they both stood up (enough kids!) and she led Charlie to the entrance to the bounce house.  I told the girl "Thank you for being so nice to little kids" and she went on her way.  

I decided to take Charlie out for a break to the edge of the area where you can eat snacks and rejuvenate, and like 2 minutes later the same girl comes running over, trying to play with Charlie and being super cute with him.  I think he won her over with his slobbery kisses!  Here they are - Charlie is sitting on the outside of the play area, and she's chatting with him from the inside.

Look at that devilish look in his eye!


  1. She's his fairy princess and he's being so coy. I love it.

  2. Ev, did Charlie learn that lady move from his dada!