Saturday, February 28, 2015

Charlie & His Chair

So, Grandpa Pete found an awesome chair, that must have been my first chair from back when I was one!  He made it himself back in 1978 or so, and it's made entirely out of octagons for some reason (Grandpa says he was in an "octagon mood").  I remember it floating around the basement in New Jersey for the last 36 years, tiny in a corner somewhere.

So what a surprise to get a package in the mail with a beautifully refinished chair for Charlie, and with a wonderful inscription on the bottom!

Charlie managed to sit in it today!  He's been putting his bottom on everything, trying to figure out this whole "sitting" thing.  I caught him sitting in the chair - you can see in the beginning of the video.  The rest of the video pretty much speaks for itself - he's still getting the handle of it :)


  1. That is so cute and hysterical. I never realized what an awesome task it was!

  2. Maybe Charlie knew that chair was coming so that is why he has been trying to sit on wiki the last couple of weeks. That chair is awesome.

  3. Glad he was finally able to sit in it. As an expert in movement control, there's a very narrow window for learning to sit, and he's right at the end of it. :-)
    What a great present and video!