Sunday, February 22, 2015

A day at the zoo

A day at a little rescue zoo in Sacramento with Grammy, Gramps, and Grandmother Barbara. Charlie had a great time. Uncle Kyle got him this awesome Sacramento Kings jersey. Charlie looks so cute in it!

You'll notice a trend in these pictures- Charlie is always pointing. We rarely know what he is pointing at, but he's always very excited about it.


Bringing mommy a stick!


Giving Grandmother some dirt. Notice the bear in background? Charlie doesn't, because of dirt.



He made best friends with this deer





With Grammy Susie



  1. Could he get any cuter? Love the shirt!

  2. What a great day at the zoo with Charlie. He taught me that there is so much to do at the zoo other than to look at animals. Like find some dirt, bring sticks to mommy, point at something, go there and then point at something else, etc etc. He is exhausting and so much fun wrapped up into one.