Monday, April 6, 2015

Time with granny nanny!

After Key West, Grammy came back home with us for a few days to hang out with Charlie. Here are some fun things we did.

Walking around the farmers market


Grocery store!

Reading in the backyard. Grumpy face!





At the airport playground, pointing to Grammy's plane leaving. Well, it was a plane. Maybe not Grammy Susie's. :)





  1. Love them. Real grouchy reading his book. We're you interrupting him?

  2. I was waving to Charlie from my plane. That's why he was pointing. He was trying to say, "Why is Grammy Susie sobbing in that plane?"

  3. He really did not like the ending to "Green".

    1. To be fair it ends in a kind of disappointing way. "Frog"? I think we all saw that coming. Hope fatherhood is treating you awesome!