Thursday, March 5, 2015

Charlie's first haircut!

Charlie got his first haircut yesterday! It was starting to get a little out of control, and I thought he looked like a baby without a responsible caregiver. So our friend Kristen came over to give him a trim. It looks so much better! I love it!


Before picture - also, oatmeal all over his shirt!
It was a beautiful day out, so we did it outside. Mommy got a have a beer in the sunshine. (Still before)
During- he got to play with the comb!
After- well groomed baby! And, as you might notice, he got a black eye in the meantime. That had nothing to do with the haircut- it was a hammock accident.

This morning at breakfast, reading the paper with his daddy.

One more after shot!





  1. Wow Charlie went from a very handsome baby with curls to a well grommed very handsome child. Well done Kristen.

    1. Thank you Susie! It was fun and he was SO good. He loves the clippers too! I'm also happy Bre absolved me from responsibility for the eye :) ko