Friday, September 19, 2014

9 months!

Charlie turned 9 months on Thursday! I can't believe it's already been 9 months! He's changed so much and grown so much, and still has a lot in common with his newborn self. For instance, in the hospital, they taught me how to feed him while he was standing up, because that was his favorite position. And now he's almost walking at 9 months (which is really early- most kids don't walk until they are at least 1!) He just needs to be upright!

What else can I say about 9-month old Charlie?

He has the most beautiful smile in the world.

He loves hugs and tickling people's toes.

His daddy is his favorite person, and Wiki is a close second.

He loves books and balls.

He often squeals with delight- seriously, he sounds like an eagle.

Sweet potatoes are his favorite!

He never stops moving!

So here are some 9 month pictures we took yesterday, which do you like? Also, he has a big bruise on his right cheek. We have no idea how this happened. He falls over a lot- it's part of beings super active baby!











  1. I'm voting for number 4 and 5. In picture four the bruise on his cheek looks like an adorable dimple. These are great pictures of Charlie.

  2. Being modest, you forgot to mention that he thinks Mom is the greatest!

  3. I think 2 & 4. Is he getting a dimple? What a bruiser this baby is! Got it? Lol

  4. Steve- he likes me, but daddy will forever be his favorite!
    Mama T- that dimple is the bruise! He's a tough little baby!

  5. Sue, in which pic does Charlie look like a fantastic big cousin? Yes Krissi and Ira are welcoming another Isaguerre on April 1! So exciting and so fun!

  6. In number 4he looks like he's putting his around his buddy Ty Rex. " heh, you wanna go for a beer?"

  7. Oh Ev, Congrates to Krissi, Ira and of course you and Pete. Now your son Pete will be uncle Pete. You must be jumping for joy!