Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Charlie goes to Hollywood!

Its grandma Cookie's birthday, so Charlie flew across the country all by himself to surprise her! Well, I guess I was there too! But now we are at grandmas house in LA having super fun parting with grandma. Also, Charlie is on east coast time,  so is awake at 3 am here instead of 6 am. Also he slept for 7 hours straight last night. That's the longest he's ever slept in his life!
Here's a couple of pics. More to follow.
Grandma cookie
Susie and Charlie love the Ergo!
Charlie in the wee hours of the morning


  1. Happy birthday grandma Cookie! sue, the pics of you and Charlie are gorgeous. You should have them blown up. I know you're all enjoying our little precious grandson. I'm a little envious, so give him a special kiss for me. Love to all, and especially our frequent flyer!

  2. It looks like Charlie is wearing a little jump-suit in that last photo :) I miss my baby!

  3. Haven't you explained to him about the rotation of the earth yet?

    1. That ergo is a wonderful piece of baby equipment. It is so nice to snuggle with Charlie.