Sunday, March 23, 2014

St. Patricks Day redo

The weather on St. Patricks was really crappy, so our favorite bar, the James Joyce, declared Saturday St. Patricks day redo!  We stopped by to enjoy the beautiful day and see some of Charlie's friends. It was super fun, and Charlie was awesome! He was awake and playing some of the time, and slept some too.

Here he is making cute eyes at Steve and Hannah.

And playing with Gail.

Betsy and Amelia
Cookie was working too hard to play with Charlie.

Super cute in the carrier!


  1. Is my grandson hanging out at bars ??? he looks super cute. Watch out for all the girls flirting with him!

  2. He was very popular at the bar. A couple of the guys asked to borrow him so they would b more popular with the ladies.

  3. That looked like a super fun day at the Joyce. Say hey to Gail and Steve for me. Also, save Charlie's ability to catch the ladies for Dean, remember he asked first.